Video Tutorials

Tummy to Tummy Carry

Our most popular carry. Quick tutorial shows how to put your baby in the sling and what safety guidelines to follow. The carry can be used from newborn to toddler.​


Threading is the first step in learning how to use your sling. When starting out, watch this short video first. 


A thorough tutorial showing you how to wear a newborn in the sling with feet in or out.

Ring Slings 101

Everything Ring Slings! A thorough tutorial and walkthrough of sling tips and tricks and troubleshooting. If you’re new to ring slings or need some extra help, watch this video. 

Kangaroo Carry

Quick tutorial showing you how to face your baby out in the sling. Perfect for 4-6 month babies that are interested in seeing out. 

Hip Carry

Quick tutorial showing how to wear baby on your hip. Great for babies who want to see out. Best when you start to naturally carry baby on your hip.