Step one

Which sling is right for you?
How much does your baby weigh?
Not here yet
Under 15 lbs
15-25 lbs
Over 25 lbs

Step two

Which sling is right for you?
Have you used a baby carrier before?
I've never tried one
I have a little bit of experience
I'm comfortable with baby wearing
Experienced baby wearer

Step three

Which sling is right for you?
What's the climate like where you live?
Hot hot hot
Four seasons

Step four

Which sling is right for you?
What's your budget?
I want the least expensive carrier that meets my needs
I'm willing to pay a little more for just the right look

Step five

Get the results!
Get the results!

Thanks for taking our quiz. See your results below!


Linen Slings

Our most versatile carrier in our luxurious linen fabric. Perfect for both new and seasoned baby wearers, our slings provide the highest level of closeness and bonding with a customized fit.


Modal Slings

Our exclusive Modal blend fabric for unparalleled softness with some stretch for extra comfort.


Aerial Buckle Baby Carrier

A structured buckle carrier giving you the ultimate support for you and baby. Carry baby on your front facing in or on your back.

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