#intheknow is a commitment to transparency about our company, pricing, sourcing, manufacturing and everything else about our process. We believe you deserve to know what you’re buying, what impact it makes on the environment, and what our markups are. We’ve partnered with amazing factories around the world, and we’re continually working to provide a high-quality and safe product at a fair and accessible price.


We’ve spent years finding the best-run factories around the world. We visit them initially to verify our common goals, standards for sustainability and expectations for working conditions. Then, once we’ve entered into a partnership, we continue to visit and check in to build a strong relationship over time. At each visit, we continue to ask hard questions. Each of our factory partners shares our dedication to producing high quality, sustainable fabrics using only the most environmentally friendly processes.


An essential part of our ethos is providing a product for parents and caregivers without large and unnecessary markups. We’re entirely open about the costs behind our process, from manufacturing to transportation, because we’re proud of the fair prices we offer.

We’re continually working to keep our prices manageable and our margins below the industry average, while still providing a safe carrier made from the highest grade of linen available. Our aim is to make the highest-quality product as accessible as possible, and we work hard to make sure our prices reflect that.

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Our Story

WildBird began with a love for wearing babies, and we adored the deep connection made when keeping our little birds close.


Sustainably made, ethically made, high-quality, etc. All common phrases we hear often. We’re taking you from the seed to the sling and showing you everything in between.