Double Solid

Cotinga - Double Solid
Cinnamon - Double Solid
Auklet - Double Solid
Iora - Double Solid
Vesper - Double Solid
Javan - Double Solid
Rosy - Double Solid
Morning - Double Solid
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  • Vesper restocking November 15th at 7PM MDT.

      Soft, sun-dried, Pacific beach sand.

       Double layer of 100% solid linen fabric.

      This sling is fully adjustable and fits most.

      Will carry newborns to toddlers (Up to 35lbs).

     Fastest baby carrier around. See it in action here.

      Hand sewn in Salt Lake City, Utah.

      Did you know we have other styles? Take our style quiz to learn which may be best for you!

  • Wash in cool water on gentle cycle. Use liquid detergent labeled as free of optical brighteners. Unthread the sling before washing. You can place sock over the rings for protection in the machine. Hang or lay flat to dry. Sling will feel crip when dried. Steam iron the sling on the hottest setting to soften the fabric.

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