Sunbeam - Pattern
Sunbeam - Pattern
Sunbeam - Pattern
Sunbeam - Pattern
Sunbeam - Pattern


Sunbeam is a happy sling that does its namesake justice, and makes it hard to narrow down all of its fun adjectives!  This perfectly playful, rustic, rainbow beauty shows off a vertical repeating pattern of seven colorful, skinny stripes interwoven with its soft tan background.  Each of the seven stripe colors makes up a gorgeous spectrum of beautifully complementary shades (rustic red, tangerine, golden yellow, minty sage, crystal blue, blushing lavender, and rosy peach)— every hue hand-picked for the most stunning rainbow array that's both warm and cheerful!



    100% Linen. Woven and grown by the most respected linen producer in Lithuania. Dyed using low-impact dyes for color that’s kind to the planet and sensitive to skin. Woven with two or more different colors of linen thread to create patterns and stripes, pattern slings have beautiful depth and color variation, while still providing all of the same benefits as our Solid Collection.


    Will carry newborns to toddlers (Up to 35lbs).


    Fastest baby carrier around. See it in action here.


    Hand-sewn in Salt Lake City, Utah by at home working Moms.


    Did you know we have other styles? Take our style quiz to learn which may be best for you!

    Acknowledged as "Hip-Healthy" by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

    Sunbeam - Pattern


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