Shorebird - Pattern
Shorebird - Pattern
Shorebird - Pattern
Shorebird - Pattern
Shorebird - Pattern

Shorebird - Pattern

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Woven in stripes of creamy vanilla, on a background of a soft, golden yellow, our Shorebird single pattern sling reminds us of hazy afternoon sun on the beach. Soothing, velvety, and beautifying everything it touches.
    Ka X.

    My baby feels secure, close to me and I love that I still have free hands to help my older boys.

    Khadidja A.

    "I love how stylish it looks and my baby is always happy to be in it."

    Reanna T.

    "I can get so much done while keeping my son close."


    About the Fabric

    100% Linen. Woven and grown by the most respected linen producer in Lithuania. Dyed using low-impact dyes for color that’s kind to the planet and sensitive to skin. Woven with two or more different colors of linen thread to create patterns and stripes, pattern slings have beautiful depth and color variation, while still providing all of the same benefits as our Solid Collection.

    Wear baby from newborn to 35lbs
    Long-lasting, durable linen.
    Lightweight & cool for maximum breathability.

    Acknowledged as "Hip-Healthy" by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

    Real Reviews

    Nicholas W.

    Loooove our sling! She falls right to sleep in it and it so easy to use!

    Verified Buyer

    Ashlyn D.

    Initially I was totally intimidated to use the Wildbird sling but once I watched the tutorials on Instagram and had some help from fellow Wildbird mamas... I got it! Baby loves it and it works so great in the summer time! The material is totally breathable and comfortable.

    Verified Buyer

    Made by Moms

    WildBird products are made by an amazing network of independent seamstresses. We have over 40+ professional seamstresses, most of whom are Mothers, working lovingly at home.