Nena & Co

  • Colibri is one of three slings from our collaboration with Nena & Co. Each sling was made by Guatemalan artisans using a traditional foot loom. Keep in mind this is a handwoven fabric. You will see small loops of thread, which is totally normal and part of the fabrics beautiful qualities. 
  • DISCLAIMER, PLEASE READ BEFORE MAKING PURCHASE! The fabric on this single is much thicker than our typical single layers and our other Nena & co slings. Even though this is a single layer sling, this sling acts and performs more like a double layer. We recommend it for more experienced sling users.  


    COLOR DETAILS - Bright pink with multicolored stripes

      Single layer of 100% cotton fabric.

      This sling is fully adjustable and fits most.

      Will carry newborns to toddlers (Up to 35lbs).

     Fastest baby carrier around. See it in action here.

      Hand sewn in Salt Lake City, Utah.


  • Wash in cool water on gentle cycle. Use liquid detergent labeled as free of optical brighteners. Unthread the sling before washing. You can place sock over the rings for protection in the machine. Hang or lay flat to dry. Sling will feel crisp when dried. Steam iron the sling on the hottest setting to soften the fabric.