WildBird Goes to Denmark!

WildBird's Fall + Winter 2019 Inspired by Hygge, the Danish way of Living.

In an effort to explain Hygge, sometimes words can fail us. You know it when you feel it! As a nesting mama, contemplating a new season of life ahead, founders Tayler and her husband were drawn to this concept while Tayler designed this season's slings. Hygge fit perfectly with a desire to surround mama and new baby with family, love, and warmth; and to truly relish this time with littles, as a young family.

We can't think of anything more "Hyggelig" than holding our little birds close, wrapped heart-to-heart in cozy linen! 🙌🏽 So there was no question where this season's inspiration location would be, as there is no better place to discover what Hygge is firsthand, than in Denmark, dubbed the happiest country in the world, and the birthplace of hygge itself!