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“They’re crazy comfortable”

Comfort Practical Breathable

It makes carrying around my daughter so much easier! It’s comfortable and so easy to adjust!-

Brianna V. Verified Buyer

Love the sling. Easy to use, comfortable, cute, and my baby loves when I get to wear her. Highly recommend! Also recommend watching the tutorial videos. Watch them once and you are ready to wear the sling.

Laura C. Verified Buyer

How I loved the practicality of this beautiful sling! wonderful, fresh fabric.

Magda R. Verified Buyer

We have two slings! I can’t stop wanting all the new design that come out, they are all so beautiful!  This is by far the easiest, cutest and most practical baby wearing method out there! It’s so comfy for you and the babe, I don’t know what I would do without it!

Alexandra D. Verified Buyer

So practical and easy to use once you practice 1-2 times you become pro! I love how stylish it looks and my baby is always happy to be in it 💕 

Khadidja A Verified Buyer

I loved this sling! The colors are gorgeous, they’re a perfect spring/summer neutral. The support it provides is incredible and the fabric is so breathable. 10/10 would buy again 

Ana L. Verified Buyer

A must-have neutral! The dark gray can be worn with workout clothes or dressed up. I chose rose gold rings and they compliment it beautifully. This is my second linen WildBird sling. The fabric is luxurious and so breathable for hot Florida summers. Love love love!

Mara F. Verified Buyer

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Baby Bonding Time
“My baby feels secure and closer to me, and I love that.”
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