WildBird Goes to Joshua Tree!

WildBird's Spring + Summer 2020 is Inspired by Joshua Tree, California!

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“What makes that place so special?” That’s the one question we’ve had about Joshua Tree for a long time! For years we’ve seen countless brands, photographers and van living adventurers visit this California desert town, and it only seems to be gaining more and more popularity.

Clearly it’s such a beautiful place, but, did it have anything else to offer? After all the hype we had experienced for so long, we wondered whether it was going to live up to its name, or leave us underwhelmed wishing for more than just some pretty photos?

A sleepless Mama’s desire to stay close to home and a curiosity that we just couldn’t shake! Sweet new babe in a sling and off we go! We decided now was the time to make the quick drive from our San Diego home to figure it out.

 Long story short... we left in awe!

Creative visions came to life and it’s truly as magical as it looks and has so much more to offer than meets the IG feed and this season we can’t wait to share all the reasons why.