Premium Sling Cosmos

Premium Sling Cosmos

Every parent wants to give their new babe the universe. Our spellbinding Cosmos sling combines an intricately woven sun, moon and tiny stars, gleaming against an understated oatmeal background. Its jacquard weave linen is extra-supportive and snuggly, so this single-layer beauty is as durable as a double. 


    Ring Color

    A comfortable, supportive carrier from newborn snuggles to big kid cuddles. Plush and comfy making it your go to carrier.

    You are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.” E.E Cummings
    My shooting star. My wish come true. All I ever wanted was to hold you.
    Wear newborn - 35lbs
    Long-lasting, durable linen.
    Lightweight & breathable.

    There's no faster way

    made with love in the US-of-A
    made with love in the US-of-A